Hair Replacement

What are my options for Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Our specialists are certified in Hair Units and Scalp Micropigmentation. These are the leading new ways to reverse signs of hair loss without having to undergo surgery. They provide instant results that are customizable to match your style.

What is the best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for me?

It depends on the degree of your hair loss. If your hairline is receding or starting to have thinning areas. Scalp Micropigmentation might be the right solution to add density underneath your existing hair for a thicker and fuller look. If you have more advanced balding, a hair unit could be the perfect way to completely replace your current hair.

Should I get Hair Surgery done?

A Non-surgical hair replacement is a great alternative to hair surgery because it is pain free, leaves no moderate to severe scarring, and it is 100% guaranteed results every time with no downtime! Hair Surgery has a very painful healing process with a 50/50 risk that your hair will either grow or it won’t. Scaring is an inevitable by-product of the procedure.

How much does a consultation cost? I'm not sure about getting Hair Replacement done, but I do have questions.

Our consultation is 100% complimentary (FREE) and we have hair replacement specialists on staff who would love to answer any of your questions. During this detailed consultation we will address any issues you are facing due to hair loss, your area of recession, and any day to activities you take part in are a key to finding the best solution fit for you! The consultation will take place in a timely manner of about 15-20 minutes.

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Can I still workout, work in the sun, or play sports?

YES! You can continue your daily activities such as; swimming, dancing, and playing sports. We offer hair loss solutions that fits your lifestyle, you can enjoy the freedoms of doing things you love!

What is the difference between surgical hair restoration and non surgical hair replacement?

Non surgical hair replacement is non-invasive procedures in which your hair can be greatly increased in density with no donor area required. There is a 100% success rate for every customer, so no need to worry about if it will work for you because of texture or curl pattern, it is great for anyone suffering from hair loss caused by radiation treatments, alopecia, burn victims, or someone who has previously undergone a surgical hair transplant or surgery but want to add additional hair!

Does medical insurance cover non-surgical hair replacement procedures?

For medical hair loss, most insurance companies will cover between 80-100% of the cost for a cranial prosthesis which is one of the options we provide for hair loss clients. Although some insurance companies will pay for your prosthesis upfront, others require you to pay upfront and then be reimbursed.

This will be discussed in further detail during the consultation with your hair replacement specialist.