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Feel like yourself again! With Exclusive Experience, you can enjoy a hair replacement that doesn’t involve any painful surgeries or expensive medications. We love serving our Lafayette community!

Exclusive Exprience Haircut

First, we start with a consultation to determine your style and discuss the vision for your look. From there, you can decide which hair replacement unit makes the most sense for your situation.

Two-to-Four Week Low Scalp Exposure Unit

This temporary unit can last up to four weeks, as long as you maintain it properly. These are made with synthetic hair. You cannot wash, brush, or swim with this unit.

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One-to-Two Month Unit

This unit is only for curly, afro, or sponged hairstyles. With proper maintenance, these units can last for one-to-two months — the length of time depends on your upkeep! Each one is made with 100% real human hair for a more natural look. You cannot wash, brush, or swim with this unit.

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Three-to-Five Month Unit

Enjoy our longest-lasting solution with this unit! You’ll enjoy a natural, quality look for up to five months. Each unit is made with 100% real human hair. Feel free to wash, brush, or swim with this unit.

It’s time to reclaim your look without surgery or invasive solutions. Each unit requires a consultation, so schedule yours today to get started.

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