The CREATIVE way Jeff got Non-Surgical Hair Replacement absolutely FREE!

This story is about the creative way our client got their Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP) absolutely FREE. Jeff was referred to us from a relative that recently got SMP at Exclusive Experience Company. He was really interested in receiving the procedure but it didn’t fit in his budget.

Referred by a Happy Customer

“I’ve seen the results, I know first hand how Scalp Micropigmention has changed my uncle’s life. He looks 10 years younger and has had an insane boost in confidence.” – Jeff R.


During his consultation his hair loss was evaluated and his desired service would cost $2,000. We discussed flexible payment plans with up to 24 months interest free. Our financing partners offer quick approval with a simple application process that only requires a soft credit check. Which meant that he could get pre approved for financing without effecting his credit. Jeff said “I really want to get the procedure done. I’ll think it over and let you know at the end of the week.”

Referral Progam

Friday came around and Jeff gave us a call as promised. What happened next left us in shock! He asked “My uncle mentioned that he would receive $100 for referring me?” Yes, that’s true. We have a referral program to thank customers that share their experience with others. Customers can receive between $100-200 depending on which services the referral receives. “What if I referred enough people to equal the $2000 dollar procedure?” – Jeff Well that’s a lot of people to refer but you’d receive a cash reward for each referral. You can put that aside to purchase your hair replacement. “I think I can definitely refer 10-20 people that would be interested in hair replacement. My uncle said he’s ok with me sharing his before and after photos along with his testimonial. I know a lot of people that would benefit from your hair replacement services with affordable financing.”

Jeff Found the Solution To His Hair Loss

To our surprise, after 4 months Jeff referred 14 new customers. His referral rewards totaled $2200. “SMP has made such an impact on my life. I’ll continue referring friends and family. I want people to know that there are alternative hair replacement options.” – Jeff R.

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